Lake Suzie and Maggie’s Bush

Suzie is on prednisone (a steroid) for the extreme itching and, as the vet warned, it makes her drink a lot and pee a lot. The bummer about that is the peeing a lot… one day this week I didn’t make it home at lunch, and found Lake Suzie in the kitchen. Oops, my bad. I cleaned it up and didn’t even correct her since she looked so ashamed of the puddle. And twice this week I’ve come down in the morning to find Lake Suzie in the entry way. Sigh. I’ll be glad when we’re done with the serious drugs that are causing the accidents. Although I can’t complain too much, at least she’s had the good sense to have accidents on the tile or the linoleum and not on the hardwood floors. I definitely appreciate that!

Maggie is also itching a lot these days, nothing as full blown as Suzie’s, but itching nonetheless. She’s getting by okay on benedryl and doesn’t have any bare batches or sores from the itching. Besides, Maggie does have her bush…

This is the spirea bush in the corner of the yard that Maggie loves so dearly because it scratches her back for her. As you can see, the bush does get rather deformed from all the affection, but Maggie sure does love her bush. She actually asks to be let out more than usual and then heads right to the bush for a good scratch. It’s pretty entertaining although the bush gets more deformed every year.

I feel bad leaving Killian out of this post, and since you’ve probably stopped reading already, I’ll add her in. Killian is not itching. I seem to have managed to get one pet who doesn’t suffer seasonal allergies. Killian is still daring, sweet, impish, crazy, social, and awesome little cat.

Sadly I think I need to either transition her to being a garage and yard cat or find her a new home. Too many family members are allergic, and I can’t handle having my house off limits. Sigh. Killian has done a fabulous job- Maggie and Suzie are now both cat friendly (although Maggie still enjoys a good chase – with friendly intent rather than lunch intent as before). And she’s joined the BOC in her pursuit of eating all bugs and I assume she’d do the same for mice and other pesky rodents. Way to go Killian.

One thought on “Lake Suzie and Maggie’s Bush

  1. Well, I already told my old boss that I’d adopt her cat, as a friend for Derrida… and I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a 3-cat cat-lady… but I’ll spread the word to other cat-lady friends. Killian is a cutie.

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