Another doozy…

It only seems appropriate to post about my birthday adventures, for anyone that wants to know. So… I’d taken the day off work and Jen had told me that she was planning something… a mystery day, ooh boy!

The day started at 7 am when I woke up, drank a mug of steaming coffee and got the scratching pooch ready to go. Earlier in the week I’d made an 8 am appointment for Suzie at the vet, knowing she was reaching the point of no return, the point where benedryl was no longer keeping the itching under control. In the 2 days since I’d made the appt, Suzie managed to bite all the hair off her leg and scratch 95% of the hair off her ear, AWESOME. Besides that, the bald ear was swollen to twice it’s usual size. Grrr. So the vet appt wasn’t a moment too soon. It’s a little funny since I only take Suzie to the vet once a year, in August, for shots and anything else she needs, and because she’s almost bald. I always apologize to the vet, and this appt was no different – “I swear, she’s healthy and happy all year, and then August comes, … and she looks like this.” So, the vet sent me home significantly poorer, but Suze got her booster shot, heart worm test, and 3 different drugs to turn her magically into the cute black hairy dog I used to know. This is the first time with ear drops… I can’t tuck them inside a tomato unfortunately, but Suze is very patient with my torture. And two days into the steroids, antibiotics and ear drops, her ear is back to it’s normal size and she’s finally stopped scratching. Thank God for good strong bitch drugs.

Anyway, back to my birthday. So Suze and I got home from the vet to a crying Maggie, who can’t handle even an hour without her buddy. I changed and headed to meet Jen and Sarah, and Cora and Maria at the 10 am Mass. From there Jen stole my car keys and Nick washed my car at his lunch break. Cora and Maria escorted me to a free make over at Macy’s, excellent. Then lunch at California Kitchen with the foursome (Jen, Sarah, Cora, Maria), great times with some of my favorite buddies (old and young). Then Maria and Cora went home for naps and pre-wedding festivities, while Jen, Sarah and I went for pedicures- my first ever. Pretty darn nice. The lady doing my feet didn’t even recoil in horror at the sight of my crusty heels!! Sarah sat on Jen’s lap and got samples of the pedicure, loving every moment, and looking like she might lose to the nap trying to take over… from there the big, wonderful, amazing surprise- the Sauters and Thomms chipped in to get me an hour long massage! AWESOME! The lady kept being surprised at how tight I am- the obvious stress knots in my back, and apparently a lot of them in my arms too (she says this comes from computer work, gardening, sewing, using tools, basically everything I do). Anyway, the massage was AAAAWWEESOMEE!! Definitely rates up there with BEST GIFT EVER!

From there I got my car back, headed home to drug the pooch again, and then out to Aubrees for a free pizza with a bunch of friends: Framy, Stara, Marathon, Andrea, Kevin, Nick, Jen and Sarah. Good beer, good pizza, good friends. Maybe 29 isn’t as bad as I thought. and a terrific end to the evening- seeing the Gabriel Richard summer production of Cinderella!! It was terrific, and naturally some of my favorite actors / actresses were in it, Evan (I swear he steals the show in everything I’ve seen him in!!), Jim B, John B doing music, Liz B, Jenny Pink, Tom M, and countless others! Great fun!!

Not to mention several terrific birthday emails, cards, facebook posts, phone calls, hand drawn card from my nephew, complete with a scribbled page labeled “Aunt Reenie”… all waiting for me when I got home. I am a very very blessed woman!! and I am thankful for the many people and the many ways God continues to shower me with His love throughout the years.

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