Truly Disgusting

At the Nichols homestead, we’ve got a few cases of “Truly Disgusting” going on…

First, the Japanese beetle mating fest… Two years ago we had a bad case of them, last year I poisoned the grubs in plenty of time and so we had significantly less beetles to deal with. This year I got the right poison and then didn’t remember to apply it until after the beetles were already feasting on my plants. Ugh. Good move Reen. So there are japanese beetles all over the place. I’m changing the bags on the traps regularly and still have an infestation of these nasty things. And what really pisses me off is that they are on the basil. Gross. I think I need to set up another trap closer to the vegetable garden, since they’ve been showing up there in great numbers. Unfortunately, Meijers was out this morning, so I’ll have to try Aco to see if they have any left.

The second case of Truly Disgusting was discovered yesterday evening, as I was watering my patio tomatoes. Keep in mind I only have patio tomatoes because they volunteered in random places and I felt bad just killing tomato plants outright, so I planted them in pots, hoping to give some away. So far friends adopted one and Donal is planning to take a couple to their new apartment later this week. Anyway, back to last night… I’d noticed a few days ago it looked like something was eating the leaves on one of the patio tomatoes. Last night when I watered them I realized ALL the leaves were gone from one plant, and about half from a neighboring plant. It was then I spotted these nasty huge (4 inches long) tomato horn worms. Ugh. One on each plant and clearly the cause of the damage. After debating how I was going to get rid of them, I settled on a plastic bag on my hand and a second bag to put them in for disposal. It was pretty gross. Now I need to carefully inspect my tomato forest in the garden for more of these things… I’m really hoping not to find any more!!

Truly Disgusting case #3 is Maggie eating out of the litter box. In fact, this tops them all and actually makes my gag reflex kick in. A few weeks ago I found her down there, head in the box… ewwww… so I moved it up to the top of a rubbermaid bin (abotu 24 inches tall) figuring the cat could still get in it, but it wasn’t so easy for Maggie. A day or two later, she came up from the basement and grinned at me, and there along her bottom gumline was a thick line of shitty kitty (aka kitty litter). I definitely threw up in my mouth at the sight. Now the litter box is up on top of the dog crate, a good 42 inches up, with a small stool so Killian can jump up to it. But curiously, the last two times I was in the laundry room, I noticed the litter box was rotated strangely… I haven’t caught Maggie in the act this time, but I am quite suspicious (and can’t stomach checking her teeth again). Ewwww. Dogs are so gross.

Okay, that’s enough disgustingness for the purposes of this post (I could go on…) And I do apologize for even posting it, I don’t know what possessed me…

4 thoughts on “Truly Disgusting

  1. I have two suggestions…medical latex gloves for picking bugs off plants and even squishing, although admittedly I’ve never tried the squish part with a 4 inch critter. Also: the magic of a baby gate set a few inches off the floor to keep the dogs out of the room the kitty litter is in (if you have a room available, that is…)OR!Maybe one of your brothers can knock you up one of these things?

  2. Oh my gosh…thank you so much for this post. Although I did also want to throw up in my mouth a little, Maggie’s fetish for cat poo is providing me no little amount of amusement on this fine Thursday morning. By the way, as the recipient of some of your patio tomatoes, I would like to thank you for not including the bonus gift of the worms. They look pretty awesome, but I really do like tomatoes, and I think mine are getting closeish to ripe.Whilst on the tomato subject, the regular tomato plant you gave me is HUGE, and is in fact growing tomatoes on it! It just takes about a gallon of water a day, or the leaves get all droopy. No joke. Just about an entire gallon a day.

  3. Thanks Jo, I may move one of the baby gates to the doorway of the laundry room to keep MAggie outta there. I did use garden gloves (with rubber fingers), and the plastic bag on my hands, and still shuddered at having to touch a huge gross bug. One website suggests cutting them in half… not sure i can actually do that. I’m doing the suffocate in a plastic newspaper bag technique.BS2 – I’m so glad you’ve got tomatoes this time! (and no worms). Guess third time’s the charm 😀 and I’m happy to provide you with some dog eating crap entertainment, that’s what friends with bitches are for…

  4. I am sitting on my couch laughing at Maggie eating litter and reading the post aloud to my roommate. Thanks for sharing it. My cousin just cut a cat door into his laundry room door to keep the dog out of the cat’s food. If you’re willing to go sawing your house up, it might be an option.

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