A Delicate Balance

I didn’t realize what a delicate balance we have at the Nichols homestead. Little did I realize Maggie plays a very important part in protecting my many houseplants from a rambunctious kitten.

This past week Maggie went to my parents to stay Mon – Thurs while I had some out of town guests staying at my house with their 2 year old and infant. Since Maggie is scared of toddlers, I thought some time at Grandma’s would be in order. My dad reported that she did quite well out at the Cous farm, never stopped running, and thorougly enjoyed her stay. Owen set up a couple extra drainage pipes that the kittens could hide in when needed, and I’m happy to say there were no reported kittens missing or injured! Maybe Operation Kitten was successful, maybe the current kittens at the Cous farm are just fast enough to escape, or maybe those extra drainage pipes did the trick- who knows. What I know is that it was a fun and safe visit for all concerned.

I was worried Suzie would be a wreck without her buddy Maggie, but she also surprised me. In fact, I think she liked not having her bossy opinionated big sister around and enjoyed getting all the attention for herself. Suzie did quite well with the visitors and was her usual charming self.

Killian, on the other hand, was really living up the freedom of Maggie’s absence. In the past, she’s definitely hidden in some of the large flower pots around the living room- usually as part of the hide and seek games she plays with Suzie. This time though, she’s been digging in the dirt (making a huge mess), leaping at and chewing on the foliage, and generally not being plant friendly. (Let’s see, so I have dogs that aren’t cat friendly, cats that aren’t plant friendly…)

Anyway, a few days into this I realized just how important Maggie is to our household balance. With Maggie around, Killian doesn’t dare play in the plants- that’s much too exposed for her safety.

Maggie returned home on Thursday afternoon, I cleaned up all the dirt on the floor and the chewed plant leaves, Suzie vacated Maggie’s blanket, and balance has returned to the Nichols homestead. If only achieving balance in my own life was so simple…

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