Things I’ve learned…

As I sit here on the couch, it’s late on Saturday night… it’s been a busy day, my brain is fading… faded… I don’t know. As I sit here I ponder going to bed, sweeping the floor, mopping the kitchen, finishing unpacking vacation from the honda, folding laundry, throwing in another load, making a list of the things I need to do… instead I sit here on the computer, waiting for the dog blankets to finish drying, with an adorable cat under the couch, popping out at the adorable dog or my feet every few minutes, purring companionably the whole time. This little dog is one happy critter, she’s just had a dose of allergy meds and isn’t scratching her eyes at this particular moment because she’s thrilled to be at my feet and entertained by said cat. It’s a good life. Dog #1 is outside, which is where she wanted to be… and now that you mention it, she’s probably killing something since she hasn’t come to ask to be let in for quite awhile now… uh oh.

Anyway, back to things I’ve learned (we’ll deal with the dead whatever tomorrow)…

1. Don’t try to say good bye to some of your closest friends (moving across the country) at a wedding… especially if you’ve been so damn positive about their move for months so as to deny that it’s actually happening… so then you try to say a casual good bye, see you soon, no big deal… oh my gosh, it is a big deal and I haven’t cried about it in private so what the heck, let’s do it at a wedding in front of everyone you know… so then they leave and you try to pull it together with some other friends, brush it off, stop crying already, and seriously, don’t ask a girl with red eyes if she’s okay, chances are she isn’t but asking if she is only starts the tears again. Anyway, yeah, don’t try that at home folks.

2. It’s kinda crazy to marry off your little brother to one of your favorite life teen kids… who morphed from that into friend into brother’s fiance into sister in law. Crazy, beautiful, awesome, insane, wow… welcome to the family Lindsey… more on the wedding and maybe even some pictures later…

3. Family vacation is still the best thing since sliced bread… just like any family, we’ve got our quirks, crazies, traditions, etc. and yet, sometimes those are the greatest parts… the things we all get because it’s just “us”. Hard to explain. As always, my week up north with the extended Cousino clan was too short, I just can’t get enough of that crowd. Oh, and another thing I’ve learned… don’t start traditions kids will quickly grow out of… like me taking the “little” girls kayaking… first I’d take two trips, two girls on my lap each time. Then the last year or two, I’d take two girls on my lap and the other two would be in the other kayak together (keep in mind these are single kayaks, as in made for one person). As usual, my buddies found me for our traditional kayak ride… but with 3 of them now 10 years old and one 8 years old, two of those kids on my lap doesn’t leave much room for paddling or sitting or kayaking really. Oh well, it’s tradition. Not sure how next year will go… so yeah, be very careful about traditions.

4. There’s no place like home… I always come back to this. Even though I couldve stood another week or five of vacation, there truly is no place like home. There’s no bitches like your own, no cat quite as cute or affectionate as your own, no vegetable garden that needs weeding like your own… you get the point. I sure do love home.

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