Lists Gone Wild

If you look at my little book of lists, you can tell I’m on overload… I have about a dozen current lists happening, and then just when I think I can tear one off and be done, instead I need to write 2 new ones, and usually have to transfer several items from the previous list onto this one since I can’t seem to finish anything! Argh!

Yes. I’m a fanatical list maker. It soothes me. When life and activities are out of control, sometimes having a list feels like some amount of control. But what about when the lists get out of control? In the past year or so, I’ve improved my list making addiction by getting these cool little notebooks that fit in my purse. I usually get them out of the clearance bin at Michael’s for 50 cents and they often have cute designs, or initials that aren’t my own on them. Nonetheless, I love having my lists with me wherever I go, and having them all in one place (I used to have lists scattered throughout the house and never where I needed them). Once I use up one book, I toss it and start a fresh one.

My current lists (not the things on them, just the lists themselves):
-Friday schedule and things to remember to bring to the hall
-Wedding stuff I’m in charge of, must remember
-packing list for vacation
-Sunday schedule
-books I want to read
-things to do before Saturday (non-wedding related)
-grocery list (a new once since grocery shopping on Weds– can we say scattered?)
-important measurements (this is one of my coolest lists and I keep transferring it to my new notebooks, it has window sizes, the dimensions of the pantry shelf I need to replace, dog crate measurements, etc.)
-July birthday cards to send (yeah, haven’t sent a single one yet… good job Reenie)
-August birthday cards to send
-people to call
-instructions to take care of my animals while I’m gone (for housemate)

On a positive note, yesterday I did finish my Wednesday list (thank God!), but I think it’s only because I knew I wouldn’t have much time, so I didn’t put much on it:
-morning Mass
-grocery shopping
-sweep dining room
-clean kitchen, including mop floor
-clean downstairs bath
-clean / sweep / vacuum living room
-feed animals (I have no idea why I put this on my list- I always feed them, list or not- but I did enjoy checking it off)
-bachelorette party (at my house, thus the reason for the cleaning)

2 thoughts on “Lists Gone Wild

  1. I am also a compulsive list-maker… but I usually misplace them, mostly unfinished. Lucky for me, I always include a few already-completed items to get myself started. 😉

  2. Hey, posts about lists–my favorite. (I really am an addict, huh). I’m with you on putting down the obvious, because sometimes the obvious is the only thing that gets done!

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