For those of you who aren’t totally bored with the Killian vs Maggie saga…

On Monday night, when Owen was over, I’d let the gate down and all 3 critters crowded into the small bathroom. Suzie wedged herself firmly between Maggie and Killian and gave Maggie a fierce growl when she attempted to get to the cat. Wow. For a dog that usually has no backbone at all, I was pretty impressed that Suze would go against Maggie to protect her little friend. At that point, Maggie was acting much less carnivorous than usual… so I was hoping we were making progress. Killian hid behind the door, the toilet, me, Suzie, and Maggie just whined and tried to make contact. Again, seeming much more interested than predatory… it was almost too good to be true… and frankly, too coincidental to make me trust the old bitch.

Last night I arrived home from work to see the baby gate that protects Killian laying flat on the floor (apparently I didn’t close it right and it fell down). Gulp. Suzie greeted me at the door, excited and nervous – never a good sign. My first thought was that I wasn’t sure I was ready to go downstairs and find a kitty carcass. Gulp again. I moved the fallen gate and Killian ran up the stairs. Oh thank God she’s okay!! But Maggie… no sign of the bitch yet… I called her a couple times and she sauntered up the stairs. The whole thing was rather strange and it is still unclear what transpired between bitch and feline. I left the gate down while I was making dinner, and Maggie and Killian continued the game of hide and seek, beginning in the bathroom and eventually moving to the living room- Killian’s favorite spot for these games. There’s nothing quite so fun as a game of hide and seek under the couch and then popping out to surprise whichever bitch is looking for you.

Killian is wary of Maggie, but not terrified. If either Suzie or I were there, she’d come right out in front of Maggie, purring the whole time. Maggie’s not sure what to make of her, but there was no lunging, no biting, no eating of the cat, and mostly just a lot of whining and curious sniffing!! While I’m not willing to say Maggie is 100% cat safe yet, she’s actually making progress!! Maybe Operation Kitten will be more successful than I thought.

3 thoughts on “For those of you who aren’t totally bored with the Killian vs Maggie saga…

  1. Woo hoo! Sometimes the best you can hope for is an armed truce…but it sounds like they’re getting there! We have pretty much the same setup, except I bolted the gate to the art studio door frame so there are no break-ins. There’s still the occasional freak-out, with hissing and claws scrabbling on the wood floors in a mad dash to safety.

  2. Congratulations! And please…how could anyone be bored with the Killian/Maggie saga. I’m happy to have been wrong about Killian’s survival chances 🙂

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