The highlights

Highlights of my weekend:

Friday night with my mom, good heart to heart talk, then some hanging out. Then my housemate’s mom and little sister came in for the weekend, so I was up late talking with them.

Saturday at home, cleaning, some reorganizing, small amount of yard work (since it started raining) – good to be home.

Saturday night a graduation party and then dinner and movie with the Thomm’s… and their little Sarah, “Reenie Reenie Reenie Reenie” wanting to show me all her stuff and play… very cute. and their dog Chance who is seriously infatuated with me (although it’s probably only because I smell like Suzie).

Sunday – sleeping in!! Anyone (myself included) who says sleep is overrated is just wrong. I set my alarm for 7.30, planning to get up and go to the early Mass and meet some friends for brunch at their house in Grass Lake. Well, somehow i’d reset the time on my clock incorrectly (for pm instead of am) and so the alarm never went off… so I woke up after 10 am feeling refreshed and with a new outlook on life altogether. So although I missed brunch with my friends, it definitely felt like a gift to sleep in a few hours later. Mass at CTK, seeing my buddies there and handing off some garage sale train treasures (Anthony LOVES trains so when I found a couple books and a puzzle, I knew just who needed them, especially amidst potty training…” hahaha. that’s a funny pun “Potty training” since he gets trains as prizes for progress.)

On to the Mishlers for some program folding, favor assembling, bow tying wedding prep. Good times. Good sarcastic and hysterically funny commentary from Mark S. Sassy Pants made an appearance and pointed out a blooper in the program to Bridezilla … not a bad one, but it was funny… (All things wedding bring out my other personality, Sassy Pants. Not entirely sure why, but boy she does get a little out of control sometimes… although she’s pretty darn funny if I do say so myself 🙂

And then an afternoon of softball, first watching the ETC Mynch team, then subbing part of a game for them, then playing two of my own games with my team (and winning both). And of course seeing my friends and all the munchkins at the game.

It was a full but good weekend! and now on to the week of weddingness… (as in Donal and Lindsey’s wedding, which is this coming Saturday)

One thought on “The highlights

  1. I *never* say sleep is over-rated. I went to bed at 9:30 last night, and got up almost at 7. It’s like a magic happy pill! Not that that’s the usual, but every once in a while you need to get your nap on.

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