one more day of weekend left!

I sure do love three-day weekends… especially if you’ve got a wedding on Saturday, it makes life seem more manageable overall.

Friday was glorious, the weather was mid-seventies and incredible. I managed to get the yard work done, the shed cleaned out and reorganized, and made a bit of progress on the house. I stayed up late finishing a wedding gift for the Saturday wedding. I can’t say I did anything particularly “patriotic” but getting a lot of work done outside was certainly what I needed for my own sanity. And I saw a few fireworks out the windows… that’s almost like celebrating the 4th for myself πŸ˜€

Saturday I got up early, returned a bunch of bottles and picked up a few groceries. Then got ready and headed out to Livonia for my cousin’s wedding. My cousin married a great guy and it was great to hang out with the extended Cousino’s – some of my favorite people on earth. So today officially begins wedding season… one down, four to go. I got home around 7 and took the dogs for a bike ride. And now I’m sitting here thinking I should do some cleaning and some laundry… and yet, I’d rather just sit and do nothing. Ahhhh, it sure is nice to sit still for a few minutes anyway πŸ˜€

Tomorrow will be my day of rest… I plan to go to Mass, lounge around, have a few friends over for dinner, and just relax (and maybe throw in some laundry if I don’t get off this couch soon).

Happy Independence Day!!

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