WARNING: trivial matters

So much to say and yet so few words to actually describe, explain, express myself…

Yesterday I was feeling: claustrophobic, concerned, overwhelmed, exhausted, ineffective. Sigh. I wish I could blame it on just one thing happening, but instead it’s a collection of things all happening at once. I know it is a reaction on my part, and probably an over-reaction. It doesn’t help that I had an insane weekend and am exhausted so I know I’m not fully functioning to cope with all of it… so I’m just reacting on instinct and I hate that since I should know better!!

Today I am feeling: filled with grace from getting to Mass, grateful for a good friend who helped me get a little perspective right when i needed it yesterday, ready to keep moving, still over emotional, still reacting, and yes, still a little overwhelmed – but combine that with some grace and perspective and it is a much better day overall- thanks be to God!

Things that frustrate me: the awkwardness I seem to attract from the four corners of the earth (I really don’t know how I do it!), weeds, that I can’t say no, the uncertainty of the life.

Things I love: that God is in control even if I am out of control, that my toenails are light pink and shiny, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the tomato plants are getting huge, Suzie my constant companion, Maggie (even if she does want to eat my cat), Killian (the cat and the beer), the long weekend coming up, all the munchkins- born and unborn- in my life, good friends, and much much more.

2 thoughts on “WARNING: trivial matters

  1. Doesn’t sound trivial to me. A little mysterious, but not trivial. It’s always the ‘little things’ that get to me, when circumstances and stresses seem to just gang up on the days I’m worst equipped to deal…but it passes, fortunately. It’s good that you have so many things to be grateful for! The mention of tomato plants is making me nostalgic for my mother’s vegetable garden.

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