Strawberry fields forever

**oops, I wrote this a few days and forgot to post it**

I could write a long boring post about my insane day yesterday (by which i mean last Thursday) attempting to clean, mow, and get the house ready for commpany… or about the co-ed showers at my house yesterday… or about generally being exhausted… or about the game of Suzie and Killian that keeps me entertained… or the marvelous thunderstorm with the swirling clouds yesterday… or that my basement leaks slightly… or that Maryn is finally back from Mexico and has a sausage fest on her head… or that in 4 days I am hosting two wedding showers and going to 2 others… or about the baby rabbit that barely escaped the jaws of death this morning…

Instead, I’ll share my new favorite domestic trick – keep in mind, I deserve no credit here, I found it on the cake mix box, but since it’s cool- I’ll share:

For the co-ed shower I threw for Donal and Lindsey last Thursday (and Friday), I decided to start the day picking strawberries for the shower. Really, is there anything better than freshly picked strawberries?? I was planning to have ice cream sundaes so fresh strawberries are perfect for that and I also decided to make angel food cake (my favorite dessert when combined with strawberries and whipped cream). Anyway, I was debating about the angel food cake- do I make one or two for a party of 30? Do I cut it ahead of time? Will people eat it? Is it going to be a crummy mess? Hmmm… and then I pulled out the angel food cake mix and on the side it gave directions for making angel food cupcakes!! BRILLIANT!!

I must say, these were AWESOME and a big hit. It’s a very easy and neat way to do angel food cake. You grab a cupcake, take off the wrapper, and voila! instant serving of angel food cake!

Angel food cupcakes are right up there with the cupcake in ice cream cone trick for kid parties. Way cool.

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