My Killian

So I thought since my last post was talking about Killian’s close brush with death, I’d let you all know that she is fine and still around. Saturday began our 4th week together. I haven’t seen Killian climb over the baby gate since her little run in with Maggie last week so maybe she’s learned her lesson.

No progress on the Maggie front. She nips at her anytime I let her get close enough. She just wants to eat her. I’m not sure how long I should let this go on… and I’m not sure how to improve her reaction. Sigh. Maggie liking cats for themselves might never happen, although I’m not quite ready to admit that yet. Although I’m disappointed that Maggie hasn’t made progress, Suzie has been a brilliant success (50% isn’t so bad). She and Killian are buddies, they chase each other up and down the stairs, behind doors, behind the toilet, and are generally friendly. Although Killian does hiss to get Suzie to back off when she gets too excited.

I really should take video of the Suzie and Killian game that happens whenever those two are together- it’s highly entertaining.

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