8 lives left

Yesterday was mildly traumatic at the Nichols homestead. I did grocery shopping on my lunch break and just stopped home to drop the milk in the fridge. Of course I let the dogs out in the yard for a moment too. Killian, on seeing me arrive and the dogs exit, surprised me by climbing up and over the baby gate, purring and rubbing up against my ankles. Uh oh. Since I was running right back out, I petted her, set her back in her territory on the other side of the baby gate and walked over to let the dogs in the patio door.

As always, Maggie rushed right in for the baby gate to eat the kitten and as I followed I realized Killian had climbed over the gate while I was letting the BOC in. It all happened very fast, Killian was in Maggie’s mouth momentarily, there was screeching, spitting, clawing, by the time I reached them, Killian was back on the floor and I picked her up. She had some dog drool on her leg, but no sustainable injuries. And this time while I saved her life, she had the good sense not to chomp my fingers. I put her back on the safe side of the baby gate and hoped she had learned an important lesson. I sincerely hope she is smart enough to not climb over it while Maggie is on the other side waiting to eat her. My gut tells me this is going to be a problem in the days and weeks to come…

One thought on “8 lives left

  1. Holy carp! Maureen….on your own watch and everything? I’m glad you were there to save her…but what do you do about the baby gate thing? What if she doesn’t learn her lesson about not climbing in to Maggie territory? I’m praying for poor baby Killian. Although, the cat has made it longer than (I’m betting) any of us had thought.

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