Maggie vs. Killian Week 3

We’re now done with counting days and on to weeks with Killian at the Nichols homestead. She’s getting big fast and is still a sweetheart, purring up a storm whenever I’m around. She spends her days in the small bathroom and the basement, with the baby gate up in the doorway to protect her. She’s litter trained beautifully, without a single accident!! This week I’m going to move her litter box out of the small bathroom and into the basement.

We’ve been doing regular Suzie and Killian meetings (while Maggie chills – or whines – in the crate)… and although I don’t trust them alone together, so far so good. They are getting more comfortable together and I don’t fear for Killian’s life. Killian gets very brave and bats at Suzie’s nose and tail, which is highly entertaining since Suzie doesn’t know what to do with that. And there’s still a lot of hiding behind the bathroom door and teasing Suzie by sticking her paws out the bottom or peeking at her through the opening. Anyway, I really think those two are close to being friends, so close.

Maggie, on the other hand, still just wants to eat her. Sigh. No progress has been made on that front at all. So we continue to live a separated life in the Nichols homestead. Never a dull moment.

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