The Fans

We just finished a 6-week session of co-rec softball. Although we were much improved by the end of the season, it wasn’t our best ever. But we did win the 2 games the second to last week and the last game, which was a nice note to end on.

I enjoy the whole thing- getting out every week, playing ball with my friends, having something to talk about and do together, and of course, seeing all the munchkins who come out to cheer us on, basically, it is a blast!

Anthony L, age 3.5, was there, his own baseball glove in hand, ready to cheer us on. His little sister was wearing her NY Yankees hat (previously his).

Reenie (knowing Anthony’s dad is a big yankees fan): Hey buddy, what team is that hat for?Anthony: Um, the New york yankees

Reenie: Are they your favorite team?

Anthony: Um, no

Reenie: What team do you like?

Anthony: Um, well, I jus’ like this team!!

Ben, from the stands: “Okay Aunt Reenie, when you catch the ball, you should throw it to my daddy.”

Daddy: Hey buddy, did you see me out there?
Anthony: Um Daddy, I said “good job Reenie”
Daddy: Did you? That’s great. Did you see me out there?
Anthony: I told Reenie “good job”
Daddy: Oh good, okay, I’m going back out there
Anthony: an’ an’ an’ I said “good job Reenie”
(Can you tell who my biggest fan is? Love that kid.)

Also, it’s fun to see the kids bring their gloves, bats, and gear. They play catch during our game, and hope against hope there will be a chance for them to go out on the real field between games. It’s pretty cute. Geno insists on pitching from the pitcher’s mound (meaning it never reaches the batter) and they love running around the bases together.

One thought on “The Fans

  1. Thank you a bajillion times over for helping Kevin and friends with our stuff. So great to have fabulous friends! Looking forward to seeing you soon. 🙂

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