Mug shots

Apparently the tomato salmonella outbreak has spread to 17 states… Bummer dude. Yet another reason I’m happy to have a forest of tomato plants growing in the garden (although they aren’t close to producing tomatoes just yet). And frankly, the more of these I hear about, the more I want to be one of those crazy self-sufficient farmer types, refusing to purchase anything not grown on your own property. Some days that actually sounds really good, both for the soul and for the body. Regardless, back to the tomato thing…
This struck my funny bone somehow (from the FDA website):
I guess that’s what tomato mug shots look like. I think it is the choice of words that amuses me so much: “Round red tomato implicated in outbreak.” It makes it sounds so criminal, so sinister.
“At this time, FDA is advising consumers to limit their consumption of tomatoes to the following types of tomatoes. The following types of tomatoes listed below are NOT likely to be the source of this outbreak.
-cherry tomatoes
-grape tomatoes
-tomatoes sold with the vine still attached
-tomatoes grown at home “
I enjoy that they had to tell you that your tomatoes grown at home should still be fine. Nice one.

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