Killian Day 3

Killian arrived at the Nichols homestead Saturday lunchtime and it is now Tuesday afternoon- she has exceeded the 36-hours Mommy Mish bet she’d survive. Ha!

Last night Geno and Lucy came for dinner and a haircut (style for Lu) night. They definitely enjoyed Killian. I put Mag downstairs and Suzie was just around, then I had the kids go sit down for dinner and forgot Suzie was out and she definitely went to check out the kitten. Luckily Killian dashed behind the bathroom door hissing and Suzie didn’t get to close. She was clearly fascinated. After the kids went home, I had Killian wandering and let Suzie out of the crate with my supervision. Again, she got reasonably close, but kept some distance because of the hissing. I’m thinking one dog at a time is a better way to introduce supervised contact since it keeps the pack instinct out of the equation. Maybe tonight we’ll try some supervised Maggie time.

In the meantime, Operation Kitten continues…

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