The garden update

I admit to a few mistakes when planting the vegetable garden and we suffered a few casulaties:
-I didn’t harden off the plants – leaving them outside for a few days to get used to the sun / wind / living outside. I knew I should have, but was concerned that it would frost while I was out of town and they’d all die anyway, so I didn’t.
-Thanks to not hardening them off and to the two nights of frost, I lost a few tomato plants, they withered and died. I did cover them during the frost, but they didn’t survive anyway.
-the cucumbers I started early didn’t like the transplant process (and rarely do) so several of those didn’t survive either.

Last night Emmet, wonderful brother that he is, got me a small pick up load of compost! Yay! Half went to the vegetable garden and I managed to get that spread over the garden before it got dark. The other half goes to the backyard gardens, and most of it is still in the driveway. Maybe tonight I can cart it back there and put it in the appropriate places. I sure do love the look and smell of good, black, nutrient rich soil… sigh of contentment… I also bought some jalapeno pepper plants, which I hadn’t started from seed although I intended to, so those went in the ground last night after the compost was in place.

Over the weekend, I made some progress as well. I tilled up the sod along my fenceline and planted some small lilac bushes and flowers to create some privacy for the patio (in a couple years, not yet). It felt like progress anyway, even if it isn’t instant gratification. And since it is so close to the chainlink fence, I added one of those little garden fences around the new plants and so far the dogs haven’t attempted to jump in (although they could if they really wanted to). I left Maggie’s bush out of this little fenced area, so I think they’ll leave it alone.

Maggie’s bush? you ask. Well, there is a spirea bush in the corner of the backyard, with chainlink fence on two sides of it. Somehow Maggie fell in love with this bush because she can go around and around it and it scratches her back. The bush now looks rather ridiculous since it’s shaped like a mushroom (thanks to Maggie’s diligent back scratching), but I call it Maggie’s bush because she loves that bush so much. She goes around and around and around, grinning from ear to ear, and you can almost hear her contented “ahhhh”…

I also tilled along the other fenceline where I’ve decided to plant pumpkins. The last couple years I did pumpkins in my vegetable garden, but they simply take over and vine everywhere!! So this year I figured I’d put them somewhere different, we’ll see how they like that spot. It might not be sunny enough and might be too piney since it’s near the big pine trees… but it’s worth a try. If I can keep the dogs off it for a couple weeks for the seedlings to establish, they won’t want even be tempted after that since pumpkin vines are kind of pokey and very big.

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