More hunting

As we speak, the BOC are on the hunt for flies. My dad installed my new sliding glass patio door last fall, but we opted to leave the screen off since Suzie was in the habit of throwing herself at the door to alert me to the fact that she was ready to come inside. During fall and winter, I taped two mousetraps to the outside of the door, and after a couple loud scary snaps, Suzie decided there are other ways to ask to come inside. So sometime in the next few weeks, I need to ask my dad to help me install the screen, with grate, to which I will attach mousetraps so as to protect the new screen door. In the meantime, I tend to leave the patio door open most of the time when I’m around and the flies all come inside. Maggie will eat one or two that land on the glass door, and then gives it up. Suzie will chase them through the house for hours, leaping high into the air after them, and usually catching and eating most of them. She’s quite the little hunter.

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