The garden is in!

Seedlings covering my house

Getting really big…

Seedling center in the front window

Planted in the garden!

(and of course had to be covered the very next day because of a frost warning! gotta love Michigan- I planted on Memorial day figuring we’d be way past that whole frost thing, but apparently not).

3 thoughts on “The garden is in!

  1. Wow! You did awesome this year with the seedlings–your garden is huge! I love the seedling center in the DR window. Also: Is the garden on the side of the house? I can’t quite tell…but it must not be the backyard b/c no puppy protection! What direction does it face? Also: more details on what you planted, especially varieties of tomatoes!

  2. somehow posting all the kinds of tomoatoes might be admitting how out of control I am 🙂 but I’ll do it soon, I promise, I tried some new heirloom varieties this year that I’m interested the see how they work. As for location, the garden is on the side of the house, I took that pic standing against the fence into the backyard, where Suzie likes to sit and watch me from the safety of the backyard. I think it was last year I expanded the garden big time, it still needs a good truckload of compost right now, but it is big 🙂

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