The Greatest Neighbor

Yesterday I was out planting the vegetable garden and my neighbor Marie came out to chat. She’s so great. First she told me that she and her husband Kurt used to have a huge garden, Kurt loved to garden. They grew everything, even sweet corn, and the garden spanned the entire length of their back fence. But as they got older, it got harder and harder to maintain it. Mind you, she’s told me this story before, but I always love it when she tells it, its a connection point, and she is always so delighted to come out and find me in my garden because it reminds her of the good ole days and her late husband, who always loved his garden.

She said she thanks God daily that she’s out and about and still on her own two feet. “People are always asking ‘Marie, how ARE you?’ I just tell them I’m still here and still on my own two feet, its a good day!” She said she’ll be 95 in July (mystery solved) and she’s just so glad to be in such good health. She waved toward her great grandson mowing the lawn, “and it sure is great to have him doing all of that!”

My Gram makes similar comments when you ask how she is, she responds with a brilliant smile and a cheery “Well, I’m still here!”

It seems like getting older makes people more aware, more thankful of each passing day. And I think that is a good reminder for me as well. How am I? Praise the Lord I’m still here and on my own two feet. And I’m grateful for the wonderful examples of living joyfully in the moment in the people around me.

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