Weekend Connections

This weekend I’m taking Friday off work and heading out of town… My plan is to load the car Thursday night so I can get up at the buttcrack of dawn on Friday and just grab the coffee and go (I’m especially trying to avoid letting the dogs know that I’m leaving). My first stop is for lunch with my cousin who lives in Elgin, IL (outside of Chicago). He’s one of those terrific guys that I never seem to see enough of, so its nice to be driving past his door and able to grab a bite and catch up on life.

From there I’ll go on to Stevens Point WI (3.5 hours north) to visit my friends Patty and Phil and their two kids William and Miriam. Miriam just arrived a few weeks ago and is being baptized on Saturday, so it was a good excuse to get out to see them since I haven’t seen them in a year and a half. William is 2 now and I’m looking forward to renewing our friendship 🙂 Patty and I lived together for a few years before she got married and moved north. I sure miss seeing her on a regular basis and am glad to be able to go visit for a couple days!

Sunday morning I’ll leave Patty’s and head for Tomah WI to meet up with my friend Angelique who is moving to St Paul MN this weekend. I’m driving a carload of stuff for her, so we’re meeting halfway between our destinations for her to pick up her stuff and to go to Mass and brunch together. From there I’ve got another tenative dinner date with yet another long lost friend who lives in Peoria, although we havent figured out if that one is actually going to happen or not.

After dinner I’ll get back on the road and head for home sweet home… It is sure to be a lot of miles and a lot of friends in a couple short days, not to mention some driving time, which is also good!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Connections

  1. For some reason yesterday on fb I saw WI and thought Washington…so I was surprised you were driving–but this is much more reasonable! Bring lots of coffee, and call me if you’re bored driving (and the time difference makes it reasonable…no 3AM phone calls please!)

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