Squirrel homicide

Until this spring, in 5.5 years of living at the Nichols homestead, I have had to clean up 1 dead rabbit, 1 dead possum, and 1 dead bird from the backyard. So that is approximately 3 dead animals in 5 years. This morning I found another dead squirrel out in the yard- which is 2 dead animals in the same week and both squirrels.

Just to make it even more convenient, I was watching my 18-month old Goddaughter, Maria, so we were playing ball with the dogs and running around the backyard when I looked over and spotted the carcass… awesome. I scooped up dead squirrel #2 in a shovel as Maria pointed and giggled (I don’t think she realized it was dead) and then went back to saying “Dog woof woof” and giggling with delight as Suzie ran around chasing her ball. Not sure who killed this squirrel- maybe the BOC are having a squirrel killing competition… Although I really hope this second squirrel homicide would convince the neighborhood squirrels not to mess with the BOC and to stay out of my yard.

Aside from the dead squirrel, my morning with Maria rocked. Maria’s mom had to attend a last minute meeting for work and didn’t have a sitter, so I felt it was my civic duty (and a great excuse to play hookey) to step in and hang out with Maria šŸ™‚ We played a lot of ball with the dogs, ran through the dandelions, mowed the front yard (me mowing, Maria in the backpack saying “grass” into my ear every minute or so), discovered the dungeon trap door in the castle and the “fishhhh”on the basement stairs. And she said my name “Reenie” … I think she’s a keeper.
Anyone else have a desperate need for a babysitter on a gorgeous sunny day??

2 thoughts on “Squirrel homicide

  1. Woah! Are Maria’s eyes really that amazingly beautiful shade of green, or is that the lighting? Wow! šŸ™‚ BTW, sorry to hear about the serial killings going on in your backyard…or maybe not so sorry, depending on what you’re going for.

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