Answered Prayer

Sometimes I forget that God really does answer prayer. I certainly believe in the power of prayer and believe that God hears me, but it is great to get concrete reminders once in awhile.
This week’s answered prayers:
The Love Doc got an amazing job we’ve been praying for. Yay!! He and his family have been waiting a very long time for this and he just landed a job in his field, in a beautiful part of the country, and near other friends and family. I’ve been praying for the job situation for them daily for a long time now, and look! God is good!! (Warning: in the months ahead I will be lamenting them moving so far away, but for now I’ll just rejoice that he got a terrific job).
The Good Life returns to Michigan! My friend and former housemate Andrea and her husband Kevin have been praying for an opportunity to move back to Michigan from NY. Lo and behold, this week’s big news is that Kevin landed a job right here in Ann Arbor and they will be moving back in June! I’ve been praying for this for awhile, and sure enough, God hears and answers!! I’m pretty excited to have them back in town, not to mention their dog Buck as a friend for my BOC, and they are expecting a baby too… seriously I couldn’t ask for more 😀
Next Up:
The BOC learn to scoop the yard, the grass miraculously grows, I win the lottery (without even buying a ticket) and Prince Charming rides up on a white stallion… stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Answered Prayer

  1. Awesome! While you’re at it, could you pray for a self-cleaning house for me? That way I don’t need to feel so guilty about spending so much time in the garden…Thanks!!!

  2. Some more people who would appreciate ‘bring us back to Michigan’ prayers here! (waving wildly)Well, we’ll be around for Donal’s wedding anyway. And if the dogs do start scooping up the yard themselves, we expect to see pictures. 😉

  3. Sarah- I need a self cleaning house for exactly the same reason! funny how that works. Don’t worry Katie- you’re definitely on the prayer list 🙂 and yes, if the dogs ever start scooping the yard, that will be a miracle i document and probably send to the vatican for verification 😀

  4. Thanks for your prayers! Apparently, you have a sweet connection with God. Here’s another request for Aunt Reenie: house-sellage!I’m hoping it’s more likely than winning the lottery without buying a ticket. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  5. Daily prayers go up for you from our end, of course!!! More about Prince Charming then about self-scooping BOC but I suppose I could add that to the list…

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