A few things

A few things to note from my crazily busy (and amazingly unproductive) weekend:

Not on the schedule: Dead squirrel
It was rather a shock (you know how type A I am and how I like planning things in advance). Anyway, I’d walked out in the backyard to do something and there was the Suze jumping and barking up the pine tree. Now the pine trees frequently host squirrels who like to antagonize the BOC. They’ll sit up in the tree, just out of reach, chattering and scolding, while the dogs go crazy barking and jumping under the tree. Anyway, Suzie definitely had a thing going with this particular small squirrel who was doing the usual scolding from the pine tree. And then, right before my eyes, it ran down the trunk to the ground where Suzie was waiting, she almost got it, but it scurried right back up again. Wow, I thought, how dumb can squirrels be? Moments later, that same dumb squirrel ran back down to the ground in an attempt to make it 6 feet over to the other pine tree. But he wasn’t fast enough. Before my eyes, Suzie grabbed him, shook him a few times, and I yelled for her to come. The squirrel twitched a few times as she came over to see what I was worked up about. I was hoping he’d miraculously spring back to life and go up the tree, but it was too late. I took the dogs inside and asked Uncle D to dispose of the carcass as I was supposed to be running out the door to a bridal shower (for his fiancé). Oh yeah, and I told Suzie that although I don’t blame her for her carnal instincts, I would appreciate it if in the future she’d remember not to kill stuff in the backyard where I have to deal with remains. She apologized and went to take her nap.

Woman Power
A friend of mine was making some display boards for selling her homemade hair bows. But her husband was out of town, so she needed some assistance putting it all together. We found the circular saw and cut the boards to the appropriate lengths, drilled holes, screwed in the hinges, attached the chains, etc. The display boards looked great at the end, and it is always kind of fun being three women in the garage playing with the husband’s power tools. Even more fun was the call to said husband who said “The circular saw? I’m just kinda surprised you had it out.” Haha. Women can use power tools, thank you very much.

The End of an Era
Well, mostly the end anyway. We had our last Life Night for the year, and my last on Core team. It’s kinda fun that we did the Trial, which I helped rewrite about 8 years ago and have performed in 3 different times now. Doing it again brought back a lot of memories of previous times and Core teams of long past and all the funny memories from various years. This year has been a very blessed year on Core with a lot of amazing people, God is good. And yet it is time to move forward and I am very at peace with my decision to retire, although I will miss a lot of things about it, the Core team, the kids, LT Mass, all of it. So here’s to the close of a great year and prayers for God’s continuing work in LT in the coming year.

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