It’s 7.45 AM, I made it to Mass at St Andrews, and am now sitting at my computer, but not wanting to actually start working until 8… so here I sit pondering life and trying to come up with an inspired post… hmmm… (pauses, drinks more coffee)… It has been one of those insane weeks where I have something going every night of the week… all good stuff, but still feels crazy not having one evening at home, to catch up on life, baby my seedlings, bike with the BOC, do laundry, ahhhhhh. Sometimes I feel months behind on my own life, or maybe years behind, I don’t know.

Softball starts tonight, I’m pretty excited. Although I am not a good player by any stretch of the imagination, it is always a blast to get together with friends and play ball. It’s nice to have something in common we’re all playing, working on, talking about. Nonetheless, it is always kind of an organizational headache trying to get teams figured out, schedules out, fees paid, etc. I’m looking forward to actually playing after a few weeks of all the mayhem.

Friday is another local drama- so far 2 down, 3 to go (and all 3 of those are happening this weekend). This weekend is HSC’s Pride and Prejudice. I’m sure it will be a brilliant success- the director is my aunt’s sister and always does an amazing job with these things, and I know most of the kids in the play, which always adds to the fun.

Saturday is a bridal shower for my sister-in-law-to-be. I’m looking forward to the shower, although I’m wishing it was on a Sunday rather than a Saturday because Saturdays are my one at home productive day… or at least have to potential to be. I’m sure the shower will be fun (especially since there are no shower games involved) and it is a sure sign this wedding is coming up fast! Then Sat night my sister is in Alice in Wonderland with her homeschool group so I’ll be heading out to that, and as an added bonus the play is at Liberty school, practically in my backyard. and somewhere in there I need to purify and iron the altar linens which are due back at church Sunday… hmmmm.

Sunday we meet really early to practice our Life Teen trial, then Mass, then the trial. and my official last life night of the season, although we still have the baccalaureate Mass and dinner coming up in a couple weeks.

I have a feeling I may need a day off to recover from the weekend and catch up on some stuff at home, although I’m not quite sure how I’ll manage that 😀

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