Pathetic Puppy Update

I felt really bad actually, and definitely should have insisted on someone dropping her off at home rather than making her bike back with me… oh well…

So she collapsed on the rug and I sat down to work on some stuff. The real test was when we heard the front door open… Suzie feels it is her responsibility (and joy) to ALWAYS greet whoever it is that comes through that door. I watched as she lifted one ear and her tail wagged slowly, but she didn’t budge. Wow, she must be really tired. When Kara came into the room, again, the tail wagged, the ear lifted, but that was all she could manage, it was pretty sad.

At bedtime, I made her go outside (as always) and she walked gingerly and stiffly like an old man and then went directly to her pillow on coming back inside. The next morning, my ususal tail wagging, jumping for joy, bottom of the stairs greeting was missed (again, something Suzie ALWAYS does), but she slowly dragged herself outside again. Poor pooch!!

However, when I came in last night, she was walking, tail wagging, and back to her usual self, and when I came home after women’s group, she even jumped for joy- so clearly she’s okay and back to her normal excitable, energetic self.

One thought on “Pathetic Puppy Update

  1. We did that to Raven once hiking, she actually limped off and on for two days, especially if she had been resting and was stiff. So pathetic, we felt awful. But she always has the time of her life.

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