It’s a doozy…

1. Lots happening at work this week, all at the same time. Feeling rather stretched and rather like I can’t do anything right and like the heap of paper on my desk is growing instead of shrinking… but this too shall pass. ’nuff said.

2. I am a bad friend… need to initiate contact with several people, and have no energy or time to do it. Not to mention I never think to make phone calls to friends at a time they would be available… or at times when I am available.. I always think of it in the car, just before I reach my destination. or as I’m falling asleep. or first thing in the morning. But don’t take it personally- I think about you a lot and one of these days I will actually get my act together and we’ll talk…

3. I am a bad pet owner… weeks like this are tough and I feel bad for neglecting my poor doggies. Not to mention leaving them for the weekend… ugh… they are going to be a mess when I get home on Tuesday.

4. I’m excited and a bit nervous about leaving town for the weekend. Donal, Lindsey, and I are roadtripping to New Orleans for a baptism, leaving here before dawn on Saturday and returning around dawn on Tuesday. I’m excited to meet my new nephew, to visit my other nephew, to spend time with 2 brothers and a sister in law there, and a brother and sister in law to be for the long car ride there and back. But I’m panicked about taking Monday off work, about leaving my poor dogs for a weekend of neglect (and the inevitable digging in the backyard or chewing of a plastic coat hanger and/or stray pen that is bound to happen), about another weekend of not getting anything done at home (not to mention the 32 hrs in the car to think about all the stuff not getting done and the dogs being neglected). Regardless, it is sure to be an adventure.

5. Its Drama Season apparently and I know a lot of people in plays… so in the next couple weeks I have been invited to and will attend several plays, with varying degrees of talent involved I am sure. So far on the calendar:

  • This weekend – Darn Yankees, by Fr Gabriel Richard High school – lots of my LT kids in it
  • Next weekend – Cheaper by the Dozen, by Saline Area players, my housemate is the assistant director
  • May 2nd – Pride and Prejudice, by HSC, lots of LT kids in it
  • and, drum roll please, the Core Team is doing a trial (play sort of thing) for Life Teen (in which I’m starring as a witness)… this isn’t some huge production, but will require extra time and practices in the next two weeks
  • and I think there are one or two more I’m forgetting right now…

5. I didn’t mean this to be a complaining post… so I’ll end with a happy spring-ish note… Its 70 degrees and sunny!! I love spring! I cut some daffodils and the lone hyacinth from the garden which are gracing my desk and making it smell and look wonderful. Rather than getting flowers from a boy (something that never happens to me), I get flowers from God 😀 I’m heading home to do a much needed raking in the yard and maybe clean out the rose bed which is still covered with leaves. Working in the yard and soaking in the sunshine is good stress relief after a week like this.

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