More destruction…

I know, you’re probably dying to hear how its going, what with Operation Hair going down at the Nichols homestead. It’s now day 5 of OH and it was working beautifully. The previously chewed ones are getting quite tall (I think they’ve grown over an inch every day) and you can see the buds getting ready to bloom. Then today I stopped at home for lunch and was naturally checking on my tulips…

…and I noticed a new tulip has been chewed… (cue scary music)… As I scanned the ground around it, I noticed the hair is gone… no red Geno hair, no black bitch hair… no hair to be seen anywhere. Grrrr. Naturally I can imagine lots of possibilities for who stole my hair… maybe a jealous blog reader… maybe the neighbors who also have chewed tulips… maybe some mother bird trying to make a nice nest for her babies… maybe the wind… maybe some boy dog in the neighborhood who has a crush on my dogs… or maybe, just maybe it was stolen by that wascally wabbit who continues to feast on my spring. I can see it now “The Mystery of the Missing Hair”… thankfully we have no hair shortage inside (although i’m not usually thankful for it), and I’m thinking of going back to my brilliant hair packets from last summer (dog hair in a nylon piece) to keep it from all blowing away.

On a cheerier note, the daffodils are blooming and look awesome!! I definitely need some daffodils around the front, both for the beautiful cheerful yellowness and to protect my poor victimized tulips. A few hyacinths are almost blooming. The crocuses are just about done blooming, and the little blue mountain flowers are just beginning! I’m loving spring!! There are buds on the forsythia and rose of sharon, and rose bushes, and the irises and daylilies are all poking out of the ground. And last night I pulled out my trusty shovel and transplanted some irises and stella d’ora to make a flower border around the very bare looking vegetable garden. Digging in the dirt is so very therapeutic.

I want to be spring when I grow up…

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