Operation Hair (OH)

Poor sad eaten tulip
tulip salad anyone?

I should point out that part of my problem with the rabbits and the tulips is just that rabbits really like tulips… but then again, so do I, thus the problem.

The path of destruction
Since I’m a garden freak who enjoys reading gardening articles, magazines, and books, I often find helpful tidbits I like to test (like the hair thing). I’d read somewhere that if you plant your tulips with daffodils, they usually leave them alone because daffodils have a strong scent that rabbits don’t like. Interesting. And sure enough, the side garden (a mere 6 feet from the eaten tulips) gives some credit to that theory since the daffodils are untouched and the tulips next to them are also untouched. So, note to self, next year plant daffodils in the front garden next to the tulips for added protection.

Its also interesting that the two or three tulip clumps closest to the front door are also untouched… that is where we walk in and out, where Maggie and Suzie usually leap off the porch into when heading out for a walk, and where we shake the rugs (which usually have dog hair on them). Interesting. And all the tulips in the back box garden (that the dogs run through constantly – grrrr) are also untouched.
The tulips next to the front door
OH began on Saturday with a good dose of Geno hair and a sweeping of dog hair. And, as of today, the tulips are now several inches taller (just 3 days later!). I think its working!!

2 thoughts on “Operation Hair (OH)

  1. Hurray for Daffodils (some of my favorite flowers) and hair. BTW, I’m coming to MI! šŸ™‚ I’ll be in town April 30-May 7 with my little BaldBoy (like LoveBoy…ok, sorry, it’s not so catchy). (Mark will be on a business trip in the Dominican Republic).

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