A Weekend with the LoveBoy

Note: Long post, more for the benefit of his parents than the rest of you… πŸ™‚

Loveboy is three years old and one of my best buddies in the whole world. He had a great day playing with Ben and Ellie and was excited to see me when I arrived to get him after work. We drove and discussed interesting things like what red lights and green lights mean, getting onto the highway, how he “wikes” the highway cuz we go fast, and our plans for the weekend.

As soon as we walk into the apartment:
Loveboy: Um Weenie, I have 2 surprises for you!!
Reenie: Oh boy
Loveboy pulls up folding chair, opens cupboard with a flourish and points up on a high shelf: “Loook Aunt Weenie!! Quadat milk and hot quadat!!!!” (chocolate milk and hot chocolate).
Reenie gasps with delight
Loveboy: Oh wait, 3 surprises too, MARSHMALLOWS!! …More gasps of delight from a very surprised aunt…
Loveboy: Wasn’t that such a great idea??

Reenie: You’re my loveboy!
LoveBoy: You are my loveboy Aunt Reenie!
Reenie: Aww, thanks buddy.
LoveBoy: Um, um um you’re you’youre my loveGIWUL (lots of giggling ensued at his silly mistake earlier)

At dinner, I was explaining how tomorrow we would go to Aunt Reenie’s house, what we’d do, etc and that we would see Maggie and Suzie, and give Suzie treats, and she would be so happy to see her friends Anthony and Geno and Lucy.

Loveboy: yeah, we are her best fwends.
Reenie: You sure are, she loves you guys.
Loveboy: An-an-and and you are her best fwend.
Reenie: Yeah, she loves me too.
Loveboy: Noooo, wait, she’s not not not not your fwiend, she’s your AUNT! (I think he meant to say I’m her aunt…)

Still eating dinner, Loveboy: Um Reenie
Reenie: Yes buddy
Loveboy: My mommy weally wikes you.
Reenie: Awww, thanks, I really like your mommy, we’ve been friends for a long long time.
Loveboy: And I weally wike you!
Reenie: I love you too Anthony!
Anthony: Well, I weally wuv you Aunt Weenie!

Saturday was a busy busy day. Anthony was up and in his room when I got him at 8 am, his first words “I want Mommy.” Uh oh, said my tired brain. “Good morning Anthony, I love you” said my overly enthusiastic exterior. He responded with a big smile and said “I wuv you Weenie!” and we were off to a good start. Thank you Jesus! I know waking up can be tough anyway, but especially if you’re 3 and expecting to see your mom.

We had breakfast, played with trains, and then got stuff ready to head to the Nichols homestead for the day. The entire car ride was filled with, “I love you Anthony.” I wuv you Weenie. “I love love love you…” I wuv wuv wuv you… and that’s only significant because I think he mentioned it at least 20 times Saturday and then again numerous times on Sunday. “Aunt Weenie, ‘member in the car when you said you wuv me and then I said I wuv you??” How could I forget?

By the time we stopped at Lowes for some seeds and seed starting mix, and got to the Nichols homestead it was almost time for Geno and Lucy to come over. The kids played with the castle, I cut Geno’s hair, put pigtails in Lucy’s hair, and then we had a picnic lunch on the porch, while watching and discussing the honeybees sucking pollen out of the crocuses. And then there was running, lots of running, up and down the sidewalk, across the yard. Lucy wanted to keep up with the boys, but unfortunately her pants couldn’t keep up with her!!

Anthony, who had been talking about playing with Geno and Lucy for days, saw Lucy on my lap at some point and said, “Weenie, I think Geno and Lucy should go home now so we can pway.” He still doesn’t like sharing me, I guess, not even with his buddies.

Geno and Lucy left after lunch, and Reenie introduced the idea of a nap, or “quiet time” in Reenie’s bed. Loveboy insisted he wouldn’t sleep, but agreed to look at books until I came to get him. I put him in my bed with several books, my teddy bear, and turned on the fan. Amazingly enough, he didn’t call for me, and when I went to check on him an hour later, he was surrounded by all the books, fast asleep with his feet on the pillow and head on a book… but sleeping. More amazing still when I went to get him almost 3 hours later, he woke up with a smile! “Hi Aunt Weenie, I wa-wa-wa-was saweepin’ in yer bed!” A second miraculous happy awakening- God clearly loves me πŸ˜€

We went down and played, and then began the dirt project. I’d told him he could help me with planting some seeds, so I’d pulled out the trays, etc during his nap and gave him a bowl of seeding mixture, a scoop, and a tray to fill. Every few minutes he’d say proudly, “I’m doin’ such a gweat job, look!” He did do a great job and I ended up getting most of my peppers and tomato seeds planted. I left the dining room in a dirty (literally) state of disaster, but it was time to think about dinner and then we headed back to the Loves for bedtime.

During dinner, noticing my almost empty plate, Loveboy: Oh Weenie, you did such a gweat job, you’re almost all done!!

Saturday night bedtime was fine again, it was the middle of the night vomiting that wasn’t quite so great, but could have been much worse. I awoke at 3 am to a clear voice coming through the baby monitor, “I threw up in my bed.” Oh boy. I went in, thankful that he was pretty happy and unfazed by the throwing up, cleaned it up, new sheets, new PJs, big hug, sip of water… and while we were getting the water, he noticed the track on the floor and suggested excitedly, “Maybe we can play trains now!!” Nope, back to bed, trains in the morning. That was okay too and he went down great. I was laying there awake, remembering that he’d given me drinks of his hot quadat and milk before bed, and trying to go back to sleep when I heard it again. “Weenie, I threw up in my bed.” Change #2, cleaned up, new PJs, new sheets, back to bed and then blessed sleep until almost 9 in the morning.

I opened the door to get Anthony and thought I’d cheer him up with the good news of the day, “Hi buddy! Guess what today is? Sunday, and mommy and daddy and Rosie are coming home!!”
Loveboy: “Nooooo, stop it! I want you to stay wif me!”
Reenie: Awww, I love you! (no point in arguing this…)

Although he was showing no signs of being sick, I decided against going to the 11.15 Mass with the boy who vomitted the night before, i just didn’t feel like taking the chance. Instead we loaded up the laundry from the night before and headed to the Nichols homestead. Loveboy came down with me when I put the laundry in, and noticed my kitchen set in the family room. On the kitchen is a pic of my nieces and nephews, and a pic of Anthony. Naturally, he recognized himself and was very excited.

Reenie: “Yup, that’s pictures of all my best kids”
Loveboy: “Wee-wee-wee-weenie?”
Reenie: “yes buddy”
Loveboy: “You’re my best kid.”

We went for a nice walk, Anthony watched D & I play ball with the dogs from the safety of inside, we watched part of a Veggie Tales, we changed loads of laundry together, etc. The moment of truth came when his parents arrived to pick him up, and he screamed and threw a fit, he didn’t want to go. Awwww, so cute in a weird way… at least it’s nice to be appreciated. So we told Mommy and Daddy stories about things we’d done, played in the yard, and before long he was ready to go without incident.

And then I had to go back to the grown up world, watch an episode of Trading Spaces while programming my new cell phone, and then head out the door for a coffee date with a friend and then Life Teen. Maybe that’s the main difference between being with teens and being with three-year-olds… I wouldn’t dream of repeating my teenage years, but maybe I’d like to be three again someday πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “A Weekend with the LoveBoy

  1. Wow, busy weekend. I love that picture of Lucy, she didn’t seem to mind that she was losing her pants, I guess it was warm enough. See you tonight Weenie πŸ™‚

  2. I read this post last night, while I was up with Iain. I then went back to bed and had a long dream that we were moving back into the Hamlet house. Glad you enjoyed your time with the wuv-boy. πŸ™‚

  3. wumor had it that you “wiked” me Lex… now I’m a warm and fuzzy knowing you also “wuv” me… although its really special if we say it to each other while driving in the car (apparently) and not just on a blog πŸ˜€

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