Thanks to DaWheeze who reminded me that dog hair and people hair are both supposed to work, we may do a combination of both. I’m sure sweeping up with produce a good dose of dog hair, but I’m also giving Geno and maybe Anthony haircuts on Saturday, so maybe it will be OD&PH. When I pulled into the driveway last night, there he was- a large brown rabbit, nibbling on my tulips. I was tempted to let the dogs out the door after him, but thought better of a whole neighborhood chase complete with barking, in the middle of the night. Instead I told that darn wabbit to leave my tulips alone and scared him out of the garden. sigh. The hair thing needs to happen tomorrow for sure.

I finished my taxes and sent them off, put money into my IRA, and finished and mailed out the extended family address lists from last summer’s family reunion. Its a great relief to have all of that off my lists. Not that my lists are blank by any means, but I still feel like I may be making some progress…

This weekend will be a blast- Anthony (my 3 year old best friend) and I will be spending the weekend together so his parents and Rosie can head for a wedding in Texas. I’ll pick him up from the Veens on friday after work and we’ll be sleeping at his house, for ease of transition. But the plan is to head to the Nichols homestead for the day on Saturday for haircuts & lunch with Geno and Lucy (some of Anthony’s good buddies) and possibly getting some stuff done around the house for me… I at least need to get my seeds planted and the Life Teen dying plants repotted- that’s my goal for the weekend (other than playing with my buddy)… maybe I’ll get the leaves off the other flowerbeds too, that could be fun for me and my friend.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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