someone is eating my spring

In spite of the weather, it seems spring is going to win. Today was blustery and rainy, but not terribly cold (58 degrees)… or at least not when I lef the house this morning. Although by the time I left work, it was pretty cold and its supposed to be down to 25 with snow showers. Regardless, its exciting to see some green grass coming up under the browned winter look, the crocuses lining the garden, the tulips all coming up… and its precisely those tulips that appear to be someone’s lunch. I looked at them this evening and most of them have been chewed to nearly the ground level. Sigh. Those bunnies don’t know who they are messing with… so Operation Dog Hair will be starting back up…

What is ODH, you ask? Well, the smell of dog apparently scares small edible animals, and last year after a snacking in the garden incident, the presence of dog hair kept the garden free of those hungry little buggers. The garden book that mentioned this trick said you can either sprinkle it in the garden, or you can braid it into twine to keep in place. Last year I just made a couple small nylon sachels (a 3 inch piece nylon tied on each end), filled with dog hair so it wouldn’t blow away and that worked great for me. My sister also tried ODH at her house last year, after the bunnies ate their entire garden right after planting. She cleans here twice a month and would take home a baggie of the stuff (wierd I know, but hey, if it works…) anyway, after ODH at the Veen house, they also manged to have a great garden free of the bunnies.

So, tomorrow I’m going to sweep up and see how we do… or maybe I should just put one of their unwashed pillows out there… although it looks strange, I’d have to believe that it would get the message out there. Stay tuned on the success of ODH where the tulips are concerned, if it doesn’t work, I may become a vigilante tulip guard, those flowers are important…

2 thoughts on “someone is eating my spring

  1. My neighbors here at school home apparently came over while Senora was cutting her son’s hair and asked if they could have it…to keep away the bunnies. So maybe you could take your brothers’ hair and put it to good use as well as the BOC’s. I wouldn’t recommend asking for your neighbor’s son’s hair though…that’s just creepy 🙂

  2. Someone is snowing on my spring. 😦 Does hair keep that away, too? Sorry to hear about your plants, that’s no fun. I’d never heard that hair trick before, it sounds quite clever! It’s also a lot nicer than the beer solution for slugs. yuck. Well, chances are, (knowing me) I’ll never need to use either. 😉 (Although I do like the *idea* of gardening.)

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