in case anyone was wondering…

I was down in the laundry room the other day putting in a load of dog laundry (their two matching pillow covers from the dining room and the hideous old rag of a comforter in the downstairs crate) and I realized its now April and there is no new striped dog pillow gracing the laundry room crate… so whoever it was that thought I’d buckle and make one, you’re wrong.

I should admit, however, that I’ve been pretty busy with other out of control things… this past weekend it was making a whole Life Baby set for Baby Panning (whose parents are Life Man and Life Wife). The Life Baby set* included Life baby pants, two shirts with snaps, and a one piece Life baby outfit, and a shining red cape that snaps onto all of the outfits. Oh yeah, and a shining red baby blanket to match the cape (complete with Life Baby logo stiched into it), and a Life baby baseball hat. I am totally out of control… but I wish I’d thought to take pictures of it before giving it away 🙂 *I should add that I didn’t make all the clothes, but rather bought the clothes and added the L logo and snaps, etc… and I only made the logo, the blanket, and the snapable cape… yeah, see that’s not so crazy after all. 😉

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