Learning to say NO

I just said “no” to someone about being on the Pentecost committee at CTK. Last year I was part of it, and ended up being a lot more involved than I should have been… not to mention being subject to one of my biggest pet peeves- unproductive meetings / meetings with no purpose, which we had every other week for 2 months… almost drove me out of my mind.

Lately I am just feeling stretched beyond my limits – I take full responsibility for that, but nonetheless, I’m stretched. I need some more down time, time to catch up on stuff around the house, time to catch up on relationships, time to spend a day with some of the munchkins in my life… and instead I’m just stretched. Sigh. So I’m working on that whole priority thing, asking myself if its something I want to be committed to, if it accomplishes any of my goals in life… or if i’m just signing up because I can’t say no.

So when this particlar deacon approached me and asked me to be part of the Pentecost team again, I was so proud of myself… I didn’t say no outright (I’m making progress, but not that much progress). Nonetheless, I responded with a resolute, “Well, I’m not sure, I’ll have to think and pray about it before I give you an answer.” I think he was taken aback, but oh well. All this thinking and praying has confirmed my suspicion, there is no way… So today I sent him an email declining being involved and I attached all the files I generated as part of last year’s involvement so he’ll have everything at his fingertips- which really gets me out of the equation. It feels very freeing. I’m making progress anyway. 😀

2 thoughts on “Learning to say NO

  1. Woohoo! Congratulations! That’s a word I need to learn too…(as I sit here and realize that the mens’ group I started starts back up tomorrow, and I agreed to let some Juniors and Seniors have a prayer meeting on Friday night, and am stopping by the Moncrieffs for part of a game night Alec is having on Saturday, oh…did I mention the other Saturday afternoon commitment I took on? All great things, and if I could have done it again, I’d only do the Saturday afternoon thing…but hey, whatcha gonna do?)Anyway, I know what you mean about feeling stretched, and you’re in my prayers. It’ll calm down soon enough, just in time for Spring and Summer. The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t too far away!(why on earth am I on right now? I don’t quite know either…)

  2. Good job, I know the feeling since I think the only people I can say no to are in my family, and even then it’s not always easy. Thanks for the ride last night, I hope you made it home alive!

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