Not ambitious anymore…

My overly ambitious weekend is drawing to a close… sigh… I did get a lot done, but predictably never as much as I hope. And unfortunately I made some plans today that require me to rekindle some ambition for the next hour and actually make the house presentable for company… although here on Sunday evening I’d rather sit on the couch and write a pointless post rather than get down to that task…

Progress made:
The newly grouted tub looks good, as does the painted door frame. The shower curtain and curtain are back where they belong, fresh and clean. I did not get to picking out or hanging any pictures in there, but that can happen some other time.

The hot water heater vent pipe is caulked, sealed, done. Now I just need to install the new laundry sink… ugh, plumbing…

The front garden bed is cleaned out, the rose of sharon trimmed, a bunch of beams moved back to the shed, crocuses found, spring visited. Still to do: lots and lots and lots… that will happen over the next several months. πŸ™‚

Socialness: I had a nice brunch with one of my college kids, good to catch up. Spent the afternoon with another good friend, catching up, baking, etc. The BOC are sociably sleeping at my feet and now I’m really going to go do that power clean of the first floor to make it presentable. Happy end of the weekend my friends πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Not ambitious anymore…

  1. Yay for crocuses! (Croci??) Right now I am loving weeding and pruning…everything starts to look neat and clean and ready to show some green!Thanks for reminding me about the dog hair…I had put some out, but I think I will build a Hair Moat around the lettuce (the remaining two) and see if I can’t get a leaf or two.

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