Ambitious Update

Its 3.30 on Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting down for the first time… whew… tired. Let’s see:

Friday night:
After getting home from Mass and the CTK parish mission around 9:30 I got right to work. Well, thats not quite true, first I put a couple wildly excited mutts in the backseat of the car and we went to Buschs after some milk. Once we got home, I removed the adhesive caulk strip- sort of. As it turns out, the places the adhesive had stopped working came off easily, and the other half of the adhesive had no intention of coming off… awesome! so it took quite awhile to get most of it off, and then I put on some goop to let it work overnight.

Meanwhile I also stain treated and washed the bathroom curtain, shower curtain, liner, rugs, etc. and folded a load of my laundry, and hung out with my pooches who were thrilled to have me home. I think they probably saw my other two housemates with the telltale duffel bags and were quite nervous they’d be without me again. Instead, they were wildly excited to see me, wildly excited to follow me from room to room, wildly excited that it was warm-ish outside, wildly excited about the squirrel on the telephone wire… you get the point, it was a wildly excited kind of evening… I opened and sorted mail and watched the Astronaut Farmer, which was a fun movie and reminded me of my rocket scientist friends 😀

Woke up around 9, which was wonderful. Breakfast with two excited mutts (apparently it hasn’t worn off and they are still happy to have me home). Naturally the tub was a goopy mess, and still had a bunch of residual adhesive stuck to it… I decided to run to the hardware store for some more liquid nails to reglue parts of the tub surrounds. Two excited mutts in the back seat, a Saturday morning trip to Aco, the warm springy air all around… life is good. Sparing you the details, it took me a couple hours to finally get the adhesive off, the new caulk on, get it somewhat cleaned up. But its done now and looks good.

Then I headed outside… ahhhh, gloriously warm spring day!!! The first crocus is blooming!! I pruned the big rose of sharon bush… it was way overgrown and needed a good trim, although I can never quite tell if I’m doing it right or not… anyway, lots of clipping later, the bush is as good as its going to get. and then I pruned the two more shrubs in the yard, cleaned up a bunch of the garden area, and found more spring poking its head up under all the dead foliage and leaves. It is soooooooo exciting to see all the tulips, daffodils, beginnings of stella d’ora and irises and columbine! Spring is here!! I know that it will probably get cold and snowy at least once more, but I’m loving the beginnings of spring!!

Now I have a thousand things I haven’t even started yet, but I’m tired and decided to stop for lunch…. besides, i have to figure out what is next.

One thought on “Ambitious Update

  1. You’re amazing! I think you get the official “Miss Productivity” award. Your Friday post had my mind spinning, esp. since I felt very accomplished simply making us brunch today…then again, I didn’t get to sleep in until 9. 😉

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