Ambitious Weekend Plans

This is the first weekend I’ve been home in awhile and I’ve got some ambitious plans… of course, I am well aware that I never get as much done as I hope, but there’s a lot piling up and the list is long…

Tonight is the last night of the CTK Parish Mission, so I’ll go to that, and then I need to get home and remove the caulking from the tub. Last time I recaulked the tub I tried that caulk strip you just put on, figuring maybe it wouldn’t mildew as fast as regular caulk. As it turns out, it hasn’t mildewed, but it also hasn’t stayed stuck onto the tub very well and half of it is no longer adhered to the tub, which makes it totally useless as caulk. Sigh. It was worth a try, but I’m going back to the regular caulk. When you recaulk a tub, you have to wait 24 hours before using it… so this weekend seems like the opportune time since my two housemates are gone so it makes it easier to take the shower out of commission. I figure if i remove the old caulk and prep for caulk on Friday night, I can get up first thing on Saturday and recaulk the tub, meaning I can shower again Sunday morning before Mass.

The purple bathroom (the upstairs one, with the tub) also needs some paint touch ups and I’ve been meaning to paint the door frame for 2 years. So maybe I’ll actually paint the door frame, wash and stain treat the shower curtain, wash the shower curtain liner, and maybe even put some pictures up in there. Besides, painting makes the most sense when the bathroom won’t be used for a day or so… hmmmm, I’m liking this plan…

I was also thinking I should touch up a few paint spots in the dining room and go through my Ireland negatives to get some blown up for the walls. Maybe I can go through the negatives on Friday night, after the mission, after the caulk removal, while I’m unwinding before bed… hmmmm… maybe that is too ambitious for one evening, and yet, for the moment it sounds like a great plan šŸ˜€

I also need to caulk the new hot water heater vent pipe where it meets the basement wall. I got the caulk a couple weeks ago, but haven’t been home to atchy do the caulking.

Its also time to prune the rose of sharon, before it starts budding, so I should do that as well. And I’m dying to clean out the flowerbeds and get rid of all the dead leaves, although I know I should wait another week or two on that since I’m confident we’ll get at least one more snow. But pruning the rose of sharon will be a good pre-spring chore that again gives me hope that spring is coming… yay!!

And yes, I have about 25 more little projects rattling around my brain that I’d like to get done too… but I’m trying to be realistic (or at least a little realistic) and so I think I’ll stop there.

PS. I love the weekends, but I wish they were about 3 days longer than they are šŸ™‚

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