Snow, snow, snow

We got more snow last night (it looked like about 5-6 inches on the sidewalk, but i didn’t exactly measure it). Fresh fallen show is very pretty (look, i’m trying to be positive about winter). As I suspected, those little green shoots in the garden should have known better and they are now buried in the snow, but the ones inside are growing quite nicely.

A few things I’m grateful for today:
-the sun is shining!! hurray!!
-a short commute to work
-my friends, near and far
-funny stuff in my head that makes me laugh
-my upcoming weekend retreat at Gethsemane monastery in KY – there is nothing like a weekend of silence to refresh and recenter my life
-pots of happiness on the windowsill
-my laundry room (literally every time I go in there)

A few things I feel badly about today:
-I am terrible at keeping in touch with my long distance friends… Hi!! I love you!! (actually that applies to most of my short distance friends too)
-my bag from retreat is still in the dining room
-Mag and Suze are going to be a wreck when I leave them for the second weekend in a row
-I need some kid time – I’m going through withdrawal

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