A Happy Dirt Farner

I was gone on the Life Teen retreat Friday morning through Sunday night. When I left home, my jars and pots of dirt had little green shoots in most of them, none taller than 1/2 inch. Last night when I got home, the green plants are now 4-5 inches tall! Wow! Progress. I am one happy dirt farmer!

Also, today is a balmy 40-something degrees, rainy, and melting the snow of this past weekend. As I went home for lunch, I noticed there are some green shoots in my garden (some poor bulbs that take this brief warm day as “spring”). I know they won’t actually grow and bloom for awhile, especially since its supposed to be cold and snowy again tomorrow, but it does give me hope that spring is coming.

All of this is a very good and practical reminder for me of what youth work is about. Our job is to plant the seeds /pot the bulbs, give them some water and a sunny windowsill… and God’s job is to actually make them grow. Even after a terrific retreat, its good to remember that God is the one to really change hearts, ours job is just to love them- not to get it all right, not to lead the best small group discussions, not to have all the answers, not to be this incredible dynamic leader… our job is to just to love them and allow Jesus to work through us. And then someday, if we are blessed, we may even be around to see some of them as full grown, fruit bearing plants.

I am blessed. There are many many kids I don’t see anymore, many I don’t know what they’ve done with their lives, if they are still following Jesus… and yet, I can look around me and be so thankful that some of those kids I was there for on retreats, Life nights, coffee dates, girls nights, all the small stuff… some of them have grown into incredible adults- far surpassing me- and I can look and be thankful for God’s amazing work in their lives and be grateful that He allowed me to be part of their lives then and see how far He has taken them- and to be privileged to be their friends now! God is good!!

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