So Tired

I managed to pick up a cold last week from one of the thousands of people who have had it in the last couple weeks. I am thankful its just a cold and not the awful flu bug several people I know had (two different versions actually). A week ago Sunday I woke up with that awful tickle in the back of my throat- drainage… which always spells trouble. But all of last week I tried to ward if off, drinking tea, lots of juice, trying to sleep enough (failing, but at least I tried). And somehow I managed to ward it off for an entire week… only to have it really hit me Saturday night. Oh well. My main complaint is the exhaustion factor… especially during a busy time. Right now I’m sitting here contemplating all the things I should be doing, while my ear is throbbing painfully and making me wonder if this has turned into an ear infection right on time for retreat. I don’t remember the last time I had an ear infection, but if this is what it feels like, I know why babies with ear infections scream so much. Sigh.

I’m also listening to the sound of a black dog biting her toenails. I realize that I don’t have extensive dog experience, and that my dog growing up was an outdoor dog, but until Maggie I’d never seen a dog just sit there and chew their nails. The great thing about Maggie is that when I cut her toenails, she thinks the world is coming to an end. She growls, barks, and raises hell. I’ve taken to muzzling her (so as to keep all my fingers) and then I have to sit on her and pry her feet out one by one for the clipping, while she moans and thrashes. Its quite the ordeal. I have not mastered the art of clipping Suzie’s nails, and I think because Maggie has told her that the intent is to remove toes, not just toenails, Suzie also doesn’t believe in sitting still. However, I can’t sit on her and she’s too squirmy for me to do it myself, so her nails haven’t been cut in way too long. And yes, Suzie is the black mutt sitting next to me chewing her nails, Maggie is a great teacher, especially of habits such as nail biting that you’d rather they didn’t pick up.

And while I’m boring you with talk of the bitches, Suzie’s dry skin is acting up and she’s scratching again. So I’ve started her on benedryl (which worked last summer), my biggest complaint is that I don’t have cherry tomatoes sitting here to dispense the pills. So far, pills in peanut butter dont work, she just licks until the peanut butter is gone, leaving a sticky capsule on the floor. Todays trick seems to work, biscuit with peanut butter on it and the pills pressed into the PB. And tonight I picked up neosporin for the itchy over her eye that isn’t looking so great. We’ll see how it works.

This weekend is the Life Teen retreat, please say a prayer for all of it- the kids, the Core team, that my ear stops throbbing, etc.

2 thoughts on “So Tired

  1. yuck about the ear-thing! How weird if you actually have an ear infection – get yourself on anti-biotics, girl! I’m praying for the retreat this weekend – especially for a certain brother of mine and friend of mine:)

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