Ponderings: Do you ever feel like you’re going full speed and yet not going anywhere? Kind of like your wheels spinning on the ice- lots of spinning, some noise, and yet no progress? Lately I feel like that both at work and at home. I feel like I’m always busy and always behind.

Good stuff: Last night Kathleen, Ben and Ellie stayed for dinner and made my evening. There’s something endearing about being the one chosen to tie a three-year-old’s shoes. There’s something great about walking in the door and hear your name excitedly spoken by a little girl who is just learning to talk. There’s something great about being fed plastic vegetables for a good 45 minutes from two toddlers who think you are cool. Thats the good stuff in life, my friends, good stuff. (Not to mention introducing Kathleen to one of my fav TV shows, What Not to Wear.)

Cold: I am not a fan of the weather in Michigan during the winter. I do try not to complain, but seriously, it has warmed up and then dropped to zero degrees about 8 times in the last two months and I feel like my body is going through shock, over and over again. Today is another shocking sort of day, just way cold. I’m not saying its colder or warmer than anywhere else- lots of people have it colder, but for my cold self, its plenty cold… however, I can see the sun- so its a good day in spite of the frigid temperatures. Thank God for the sunshine.

One thought on “Miscellaneous

  1. Hah, jean quilt šŸ˜‰ Just kidding, I think it’s totally normal to love to do something that is just a tad unusual. For example, I like to collect bugs… so if I can continue to tease you about that, feel free to tease me about bugs. Fair trade? As for winter, yeah, it needs to stop.

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