Dreaming about the garden

So… last night I had a dream about my garden. Wierd. I think that’s the first time that has ever happened, amazingly enough. As usual, I don’t really remember the details, but I woke up thinking about rototilling the compost under and planting flowers around the perimeter of my vegetable garden (which I’m planning to try this year). The most vivid part of the dream was how real the dirt was, and how excited I was to be kneeling in it, poking seeds into the freshly tilled, dark composty soil. Very strange. Yes, I probably need to get out more…

And speaking of needing to get out more, last night at encyclical guild, after we were done with the official discussion, we were sitting around chatting about nonsense and somehow came to the topic of holes in the knees of pants and Donal’s chronic problem with that (not only is he sharp intellectually, but the guy has the sharpest knees of anyone i know). He made some comment about always having to get rid of jeans once they get holes…

Me: “Oh yeah, I found a pile of holey jeans when I was cleaning the laundry room, probably yours”
D: “Sorry about that, I didn’t realize I’d left them there.”
Me: (very excited) “Well, if you’re getting rid of them great, I’ll quilt them!!”
Momentary pause in which I realized what had just come out of my mouth and that there was to be no retracting it as everyone in the room bursts out laughing…

I admit, I have only myself to blame, especially since 3 of the 4 people there take great delight in mocking my over the top homemakeing / home decorating binges… but I was overcome at the prospect of more jeans to make into a blanket and couldn’t stop myself until I realized it was too late. So yes, the teasing continues… and yes, I know I’m out of control 😀 (but seriously, blue jean quilts are awesome and with those 3 pairs of Donal’s jeans, i’m probably ready to make a new one!)

One thought on “Dreaming about the garden

  1. Encyclical guild sounds great! (and I’m totally serious.) Also, I took the Narnia quiz. I’m Tirian, apparently. So disappointed I wasn’t “Mrs. Beaver.” 🙂

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