Today I went to Home Depot with David K, who I’ve been helping out with while his parents are out of town. David is 6 and a kid in need of getting out of the house. So we left his brother at home in peace and headed for the Home Depot for more basement stuff. As I mentioned, the water heater vent pipe was disintegrating and I knew I should just replace it while the momentum is going… sigh… so we got new vent pipe, a few fittings, a new laundry sink, and some hooks.

Since I spent the night at the K’s house last night, I figured I’d wait to shower until I got home. This guarantees seeing at least a dozen people you know somewhere between waking up and that shower… most of them I saw at Home Depot. I saw Nick who I went to college with, haven’t seen in 5 years (ish), yeah, ran into him there in the paint aisle, hair in a pony tail, some else’s bored 6 year old in tow… great, we chatted for a few minutes, talked about work stuff, and parted ways (without me ever explaining why I have a kid now… or the fact that I don’t ahve a kid, he’s someone else’s kid, but he’s here… yeah, too complicated). In the checkout, I saw a guy who goes to our parish, we’re not close enough to converse, but i knew who he was. Then I loaded the car and realized the van next to me was a former co-workers brother and his family. Then saw 2 other people I know from old community / parish life, also haven’t seen them in years. I prayed fervently no one else recognized me and we headed for my house. David and I got all the playmobile armies set up and then I headed for the vent… of course, more of the fittings had disintegrated (which you can only tell once you take it all apart), so I headed out to Aco, thankfully only a few blocks away. There I saw 2 more people I know, though not closely. Great, nothing like a little humility for lent, and vowing never to go home repair shopping on a Sat again without first showering and putting on make up.

The vent is now replaced. It took some creativity to get it all to work together, but I had enough fittings and duct tape and pipe to work it out, and a man to help me do it. Donal had volunteered his help earlier and I decided to take him up on it as I needed another set of hands (and brute strength) for part of the replacement process. It sure is good living with a man 😀 Anyway, so its done and I’m not worried about carbon monixide poisoning through the old disintegrating pipe. Also, when I removed said pipe to replace it, about 4 cups of rust particles spilled out- apparently the entire inside of the pipe… fascinating. I must say, I’d never really paid any attention to water heater vent piping before- so I learned something new today, and hope I won’t actually need to use this newly acquired knowledge for another 20 years or so 😀

No pictures of this replacement, the pipe is just shinier than the last one and the rest of the room looks the same… except that now there are clothes and nylons hanging on the shelf, and unfolded towels on the dryer… the laundry room is back in service…

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