The Finale

The view from the doorway.

The shiny painted hardware.

Maggie napping in her crate on previously mentioned ugly comforter

Maggie, posing as usual for the camera. Suzie, nervous, as usual, to have Maggie behind her.

The furnace / water heater side of the room.

Suzie posing on the rug in front of the washer / dryer wall.

I love the way the shower curtains a) match everything and b) cover the unsightly maze of pipes

The new curtain that matches the blue stripes 🙂 the pipe (running diagonally across the wall) that needs to be replaced.

The striped wall, ironing board/iron holder, shower curtains covering the pipes at the far end. and no, there isn’t usually a tablecloth and a plant on the table- thats called staging for the picture. In the future there will be laundry on the table and hanging clothes/bras on the overhead bar.

The undercabinet shelves with bins / laundry baskets. Also notice the purple cabinets and silver hardware.

The hanging shelf, which allowed room for some bins of crafty-ness.

Last but not least, the bitches on their matching pillows in the dining room… yeah, the pillows that sort of match each other and definitely match the rest of the room 😀 Ahh, sigh of contented happiness. See, thats not so crazy… or is it…

and for the record, Cora’s betting that February will get to me and the dogs will get a striped pillow to match the laundry room… you can comment with your bet if you want 😀

9 thoughts on “The Finale

  1. what? Seriously Dawheeze… me? over doing something?? 😀 I was just trying to be thorough for the sake of my out of town and detail oriented readers.Andrea, thanks for being one of my non so imaginary readers 😀 You rock!

  2. would you please come and visit us in Memphis. I would love to have you. And judgeing from your basement I have a couple closets that would love to meet you. Seriously that room looks great. I miss everyone in MI so much. You are all in my prayers.;)

  3. I have to admit, I was initially a bit skeptical at the beginning of this project, when you started listing all the different colors…it seemed a bit, well, much…but you were definitely right, and I was definitely stylistically-challenged! I am VERY impressed, and more than a bit envious of your cheery laundry room. Amazing! I can’t wait to visit it in person. 🙂 (and, by the way, I appreciate all the pictures; so there, dawheeze!)

  4. Betsy- I can’t believe you would question my style / clearance color choices!! Atchy, I can believe it since I wasnt sure at the beginning how it would all work out (although I knew the colors were right). I myself am surprised and quite impressed with the outcome- definitely happier than I thought I’d be 😀

  5. Wow! It looks amazing:) Someday, when I have a house, I’ve already called dibs on KT to come organize my closets/kitchen/life. Now I know who can do my interior decorating!! Congrats on all the hard work paying off, and thanks for letting me follow along via the blog! I love it!

  6. P.S. The fact that you took a moment to “stage” the room, prior to taking pictures, absolutely cracks me up! I’ve been a recent addict of HGTV, which makes “staging” a basement laundry room that much funnier. 🙂

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