Definitely Crazy

No, I did not make a striped pillow for the dogs. However, I started working and did all the touching up (3 colors), cleaned the laundry sink (which rarely gets cleaned and was gross), put all the painting stuff away, painted Suzie’s eating stools (2 coats), cleaned up the room, swept, put all the tools and project pieces into one bin… yay!

Exciting developments: I found an old curtain from my first apartment and was thrilled to realize it is the same color blue as the blue stripes and was just the right size for the basement window (which is pretty ugly). I had to shorten the second of the curtains to match the first, found an old piece of quarter round trim from a previous project just the right size and voila! new curtain!! Its kind of fun to be able to repurpose some of my old house stuff- the curtains from the apartment, the shower curtains from the Hamlet house, and somehow, the color scheme all works… guess I haven’t changed as much as I thought 😀 I am also thrilled to report spiders apparently do not like striped, happy places… haven’t seen a single one since the big vacuuming. Also, the small black bitch who shadows my every move is pretty awesome. She naps, and then wakes up and stares at me with adoring eyes every time I walk anywhere near her, or move to leave the room. If I do leave the room, she sighs and gets up to follow me. If I’m just moving to paint a different spot, she smiles sleepily and goes back to napping. I think she loves the new stripey room almost as much as I do.

Not so exciting developments: So it appears the vent pipe, just an old aluminum pipe that goes from the water heater to the vent is about to disintegrate… I’m not entirely sure what purpose it serves (although I’m guessing it vents the gas fumes from the water heater maybe), regardless, i think its going to have to be replaced as I discovered a few tiny holes where the pipe is simply disintegrating (similar to what happened to the dryer vent). So I need to do some research and see what interesting things I can learn about the water heater vent requirements, how to replace it, etc… lovely. Also, that comforter in the dog crate is really really ugly…

Lastly, its rather bad to look at your watch thinking its 10.30 ish and realize its almost midnight… and rather than racing directly to bed, you update your blog so your imaginary fans are totally up to date on the Flip that Room project… hopefully I can still make it up to the 6.30 am Mass tomorrow… although I do have my doubts… okay friends, crazy (and satisfied) girl signing off…

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