Lindsey, if you’re reading this, please stop…

Whew, now that Lindsey isn’t reading this, I’ll admit that sometimes I think I might be crazy. I was just downstairs in the beautiful happy place (aka the laundry room) putting up the ironing board / iron holder, labeling some bins, beginning to arrange some of the stuff on the shelves, when I looked over at Maggie’s cage… and more specifically the old nasty comforter inside. Instantly the thought flashed across my mind “Hmmm, I wonder if I have any good material scraps that I could make a striped, matching pillow out of…” The idea delighted me for about 22 seconds until I realized the crazy idea that really is. I mean, okay, so I do love the dogs quilt / material scrap pillow covers in the upstairs crate, that match the dining room where they reside. Silly as it is just the sight of those cool pillow covers make me sigh with delighted contentment every time i see them. Naturally when Maggie ate a corner of her pillow to see if there was stuffing inside, we had a long angry discussion… and then I mended it. When she ate another corner of the mended pillow cover, we had another angry exchange… and I left the hole. Oh well. It still looks beautiful in the dining room, next to Suzie’s matching one 😀

Where was I? Oh yeah, striped pillow cover for laundry room… I may not be as crazy as you think since, after those delighted 22 seconds, I asked myself a few sane questions: Why would you make a new pillow cover for a dog obsessed with stuffing who will chew a hole in the new cover the first time she’s locked in her crate just to see if there is stuffing? Also, are you crazy? You decided to leave the 2×4 shelves unpainted, but you’re considering a pillow to match the laundry room? How much time do the dogs actually spend in that crate anyway? Yeah, a couple hours every other week (for Maggie) and anytime I’m in the room (for Suzie). Okay yeah, not worth it…. so the sane girl won today… but if we get another 3 weeks without sun, I’m not responsible for my actions and I may be posting about a new striped pillow cover.

In related news, I’m currently thawing a couple paintbrushes to do some touching up. Then I’m putting all the tools away, then I’m taking pictures of the whole room… yippee!!!! I will continue to organize and put stuff away in there, and will stencil some ladybugs as the inspiration hits, but all the major stuff will be all done! Hurray!!!

One thought on “Crazy?

  1. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the complete room! As for striped doggie pillows, I vote for them, I mean, if they make you happy, esp. with the sun in hiding, what other reason do you need?! 🙂 (Of course that’s coming from the girl that tried to diaper baby goats…you might not want to listen to me.)

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