Two weeks…

Its been two weeks since I started the laundry room project… yeah… worked diligently for 1.5 weeks with a lot of interruptions, but I was plugging away at it. Since I’ve been a social butterfly the last few days, little to nothing has changed.

This morning I installed the second curtain rod and shower curtain behind the washer and dryer, it looks great and hides all the unsightly pipes quite well. Then I put up the hanging clothes shelf, cleaned out the painting bin and moved the painting stuff to a bin that fits under the new under-stairs shelves, and began cleaning up. I was going to paint the understairs shelves purple to match everything else, but since I’m losing my umpf, they might stay unpainted for the time being. Maybe tomorrow I can work on putting away the rest of my tools and put the room back together… in the meantime, I’m too busy enjoying my friends to actually getting something done 😀 Pictures of the finished project will be taken in the next couple days so you can see the finished project, stay tuned.

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