Girl Time

There are a lot of times in life I feel like I never see my friends, like life is too busy just going through the motions of the everyday stuff and there’s not time to catch up, hang out, enjoy each other’s company. This week, I’m catching up for all those other weeks when I can’t remember the last time I hung out with people my own age, just hanging out…

Weds night I had dinner and enjoyed just hanging out with Jen and Sarah. Nick is in FL for 2 weeks so it was just us ladies and Chance the dog. I am so blessed with great friends I can just chill out with. Sarah is a blast- she’s getting so big. She babbles a lot with a real word or two thrown in. Jen and I compared notes on all our winter plans- rooms to paint, shelves to build, things we want to get done… its fun to be on the same wavelength and be able to compare projects and comiserate on always having more brilliant ideas than time and money to carry them out πŸ˜€ We watched the Holiday after Sarah went to bed and then I braved the snowy roads and headed home.

Thurs night was girls night again, with different girls. Anne, Alexis, Cora and I try to get out about every other week to catch up and hang out. Although the every other week thing was thrown off by Christmas and this was our first time doing it since then. It was great to just catch up and hang out with all of them. Again, I marvel at how God has blessed me with amazing friends.

Friday night… wait for it… another girls night, with a totally different crowd. This crowd is friends from my high school era through the present. We all live busy lives and its hard to get together, but we do make a point to get together once or twice a year with as many of us that can make it. We all live rather different lives but try to keep in touch (at least somewhat) and treasure the friendships that have lasted through many many years and many changes in our lives. It was awesome to hang out and especially to see Sarah who lives in CA and I haven’t seen in forever!! My favorite moment was the discussion about breast pumping… yeah, 3 moms all talking about it and it didn’t even really strike me as odd since most of my friends have small kids so these discussions are quite commonplace and sometimes almost convince me that I myself have experience pumping… anyway, i look across the room and see Sarah’s comical and rather blank expression and mouth to her “I’m not pumping.” We laughed hysterically and luckily our mommy friends have a good sense of humor and didn’t even know how we got on that conversation anyway. Life is funny. I am blessed with many friends in various stages of their lives, God is good… and Ella B is soooo cuddly and sweet- newborns are so great like that… oh yeah, and I think she looks like her Grandma Ann sometimes. To end the night, Angelique showed up and we talked for a couple hours before going to sleep.

Today, Saturday, I got up, had breakfast and hung out with Angelique. Then worked on the basement for a bit, then met Sarah for coffee. YAY! Its so much fun catching up- Sarah is one of those great friends where we may not keep in touch very well, but its always easy to pick up where we left off and just enjoy each other. Its also great to have another doggie friend to swap stories with πŸ˜€ Besides the fact that we are both fanatical list makers… yeah, its great to catch up! Sarah- you’re terrific. Now start a blog so I know what you’re up to more often πŸ˜€ Tonight I’m hanging out with Betsy Pink… yay!! That’s my week of girl time and catching up with a bunch of my friends… but don’t get too excited, I’ll slip back into hermit mode for another month or two before seeing anyone again.

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