Pictures at last


Notice the ugly dark brown panelling on the left, and the dark brown cabinets on the right (which are barely visible), pile of dirty clothes on floor. Don’t look too close at the ever present hanging underthings there for the world to see (clearly they are Donal’s ;).

This one makes it look even worse than it usually does… note the box of christmas decorations, the cushions pile with bedding, more panelled wall on the right, furnace on the left, blah white wall.


painting the stripes on the panelling…

yes, I’m type A enough to label each strip to make sure i kept it in the right color order 🙂

The newly painted purple cabinets, the spray painted silver knobs and hinges, the light pink wall underneath and the newly installed wire shelves. stay tuned for when its all cleaned up and organized.

Lex vacuuming behind the washer and dryer (note the bland whiteish walls)

The finished stripes – wow!

my lovely assistant posing with the step ladder, Suzie in the crate behind her, the stripes from the other direction, and the light green wall behind it, and messy painting stuff on the floor

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